Over the previous months we have been discussing transformation. We looked at the transformative power of befriending those parts of ourselves that we feel are unlikable. We’ve investigated the role of demolition – getting rid of the things in life that are not serving us. We’ve explored the Recognition of the role of Source and how that role applies to us, as well as Unity – the concept of Source acting through us as us.

So this brings us to the 3rd step in our 5 step journey: REALIZE.

You will come to realize that there is a difference between the TRUTH and the facts that are present in your current condition. When you look at your life as it is now, you can see that there are certain conditions involving career/finance, creative endeavors, health, personal relationships, and relationship with self/spirituality. Each of these facts or conditions are changeable.

Let’s compare the circumstances of your life to a drama on television: You watch the drama as it plays out. The characters are well written and the plot seems like something that could happen to you based on your life experiences. But the drama on TV is not real. It looks real, the characters seem real, but you know that it’s fiction. So what is to be done if you decide that you don’t like this show? Do you write in to the television station and ask them to stop airing the show? Do you write to the actors and writers and ask them to change? Perhaps. If you look at the dramas that play out in life, you can see people who try to involve themselves at this level in an attempt to control the madness that plays out around them.

The fastest and easiest method of changing the show that plays on TV is to change the channel. How? Do you get up from your chair and fuss with the picture? Unplug the TV? Shake the TV? Try to force something new to show up? Again—when looking around you, these types of activities play out all around you as people attempt to achieve certain results in their lives. But the person who truly understands how televisions work will simply pick up the remote control and press buttons to get a new channel to show up. The television frequency is changed and a new channel shows up on the screen with new opportunities to enjoy the programming. And the channel can be changed as often as you like until you find the show you are looking for.

So, in life, what is the remote control and how do you use it?

The television channels show up according to the frequency that the TV is tuned into. The circumstances in your life change according to the frequency you are tuned into. And your frequency changes with thought.

Have you ever had a situation in your life that seemed impossible to be free of—until it wasn’t? Once you decided “enough is enough” suddenly the circumstances around you change and it seems like overnight life improves. Or maybe you think that you have made a change, only to discover the same problem popping up in a different way? The key here is the shift in thinking.

Let’s look at an example in life.

Let’s say that you were diagnosed with an illness 20 years ago. At that time the prognosis was grim – maybe there were painful procedures and a lot of medication that doctors warned you that you would be taking for the rest of your life. Perhaps feeling overwhelmed by your health circumstance, you decided that you were powerless to do anything about the situation and so you decided that this health fact was the Truth.

Remember that Truth is unchangeable. How many health circumstances have been improved or completely resolved as treatment options (thinking) have evolved? Once people begin to see that it is not only possible to recover from illnesses that were once deemed deadly, the thinking shifts and more and more treatments become available. This has happened with Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and is happening with most cancers. And this isn’t limited to health issues. During times of financial decline, new and innovative ways to create income surface, and as thinking shifts to accept these innovations, opportunities increase.

So, let’s say after 10 years, new treatments come along that change how you deal with your health circumstance. Less medication and almost no invasive procedures are needed. Do you cling to the old prognosis that life will be filled with these challenges? Or do you accept the new prognosis and find your health dramatically improve?

The answer to these questions can be found in your thinking.

Have you ever met someone who recovers miraculously from one illness just to find themselves confronted with a new illness, this one worse than the last? It seems harsh to say, but if the thinking of that person didn’t change, then although the circumstances improve, a new set of circumstances shows up. The facts of the situation have changed, but the Truth has not.

The Truth lies in the REALIZation that you RECOGNIZE that there is one Source that is constantly working (creating) for your highest and best. Because there is no separation from you and your Source (UNIFY) you are also constantly working (creating) for your highest and best according to your frequency (thought).

Present circumstances are the result of past thought. Past thought could include thoughts from yesterday or thoughts from 20 years ago. Just as with the health example, you possess the infinite power to change and shift according to thought. If you can recognize that circumstances exist but are not the Truth, these circumstances can shift instantaneously. The speed at which you shift these circumstances can depend on the relationship you currently have with these same circumstances – in other words how much power you give the circumstances now.

Many of us are very attached to the circumstances in our lives. You’ve created an entire story about how your health or finances or personal relationships have been affecting you. Without these excuses, and with no story to replace your current story with, it can seem frightening to let go of something that you have been basing all of our thoughts and actions on for so long. To the ego mind, this can seem like imminent danger—literally life or death.

So what is to be done?

  1. Accept the circumstances for what they are, recognizing that they are the result of a past frequency you had been tuned into according to your thoughts.
  2. Just the facts. Remember that the circumstances that are showing up may be fact, but are not the Truth.
  3. Recognize and Unify – remember the truth of who you are and that you have the infinite capacity to create according to your frequency (thoughts).
  4. Create. Begin immediately to create new thoughts that support a clear picture of what it is that you really want in life. Take some time to feel how you will feel once you have achieved that which you are creating.
  5. Repeat. Find time daily to support your creative new feeling and thinking.

There is a saying that the only constant in life is change. Circumstances around you are changing constantly. Your thinking is the mold that holds circumstances in place. When your thoughts change, your life literally changes.

The truth is you can choose to transform anything in life by choosing to first transform your experience (thinking) of it. The truth is that there is an infinite capacity for you to choose. This is true power. Give thanks for that.

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