Last month we talked about how to continue our transformation to living a life we love by following a 5-step process that has been taught since ancient times. The first step was to Recognize. We recognize that there is a creative force that wants only the best for us. We recognize that we are literally the same as this force. We recognize that all good things must happen for us simply because of who we are.

The second step in this transformative process is Unify. The more you think about the fact that you are connected to source energy from a very deep level, and that your actual job in the universe is to get the things that you want to have, you naturally move into a sense of Unity. In this step you FEEL the feelings of oneness with the universe and with all people. You begin to feel a sense of wonder and awe from this feeling of connectedness. This is where you come to know that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. You have direct connection to source. You are a unique being and yet you are no different from other beings because you are no different from source. You are a unique expression of source: living through you, as you. When you are able to FEEL and HOLD onto this feeling, you realize that there truly is nothing that you cannot do, be, or have!

You learn and understand that there is no “you” versus “me”. Anything that you are experiencing here impacts me, and vice versa. This is another way that the universe expands. It expands through experience—OUR experience. So, if ever you become unsure of you own ability to create or to do something, when you realize that we – all of humanity, are literally one organism, new possibilities begin to emerge. That saying “If I can do it, anyone can do it” is truer than you know. Because you are connected to Source and I am connected to the same Source, we are connected and have the same access to have or do anything that we want to have or do.

You also begin to appreciate other beings on this planet for the unique qualities and contributions they each make. You begin to see that a world full of ‘yous’ would be boring. We each came here to have unique experiences and to develop unique qualities and characteristics to make this a rich and vibrant planet! Our differences are actually our greatest gifts. Our differences are things to be appreciated and loved—even though we forget that and get frustrated with one another.

There is a magic that happens when you take the time to think of and appreciate your fellow beings. It lifts your vibration and brings feelings of peace and joy. Socially, we all want the connection of others. As you think of all of the ways that we are dependent on one another, you begin to develop an appreciation for even the simplest of things. This appreciation goes beyond gratitude. It is a profound sense of recognition and enjoyment. And this is the essence of Unify. Developing an appreciation for everything that surrounds you.

Here are some ways to begin to develop a sense of Unity:

  1. Each of us has parents. Whether they are the folks who raised us or not, we each came from sperm and egg. If it were not so, we would not be here. In order for our lives to exist, we needed others who came before us. Regardless of whether we think our parents were the best people or the worst people, they were the people (or donors) who made our lives possible.
  2. The home that we live in is made from wood, metal, stone, and other materials. We needed the factory workers who fashioned the metal. We needed the lumberjacks who chopped down the trees and millers who shaped the wood into planks. We needed the stonecutters who cut and shaped the stones. We needed the craftspeople and carpenters who put it all together. We needed the plumbers and electricians. All of the thousands or hundreds of thousands of people who contributed to putting together just one house—we needed all of them in order to have the home we live in. Even if we would like a new, bigger, or fancier home, just think of all of the tiny steps that it took to create the home you have. You could not have done it alone! All of those people who contributed to creating your home did it without knowing you, without knowing that you would be so sheltered and safe from the elements, but they did it anyway.
  3. Think about the food you have in your fridge. How much of it came from a factory? From a farm? How many steps did your food go through to be changed from its simple natural form into the ingredients to go into the package? Think about cheese. I don’t even know if I could explain to you all of the steps that go into processing my cheese from milk and enzymes—but I know it takes skill. If I spent my whole life, I might develop the skill to make my own cheese. But it would probably taste different and it would take me a long time to prepare. It took me almost no time to grab the package at the store and to bring it home. And it tastes SO good! And that is just ONE of the many dozens of things that I have in my fridge.

Unify happens when you allow yourself to feel the feeling of oneness. When you appreciate the fact that we are all interconnected and that we all need and rely one one another, that we are all the same and that we are all unique and different, and that the source of all dwells within each of us.

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