In addition to the meditation suggestions this month, it is also fun and relaxing to collect sea glass with the younger members of your family — although collecting sea glass came be fun for people of all ages! Some of you may be lucky enough to live close to the beach or are planning a vacation at the beach and you’ll find collecting sea glass can be an incredibly relaxing activity.

Sea glass starts out essentially as litter. A bottle or piece of glass has been tossed around in waves. Sea glass takes at least 7-10 years for a piece of glass to become sea glass. Every now and then you can find this beautiful smooth, polished and sometimes frosted glass at the beach. Probably the best time to find sea glass is during low tide and after a storm.

My granddaughter goes to the beach with her Granddaddy and they pick up pieces that aren’t actually “sea glass” but they are still safe to handle, are smooth and fun to collect. Every once in a while, they find the beautiful sea glass! The frosted ones are occasionally found and Sydney’s favorite is the purple piece they found the other day.

Doesn’t this sound so relaxing? Initiating a peaceful activity like this can help children enjoy the beauty of nature and take them away from the electronics that seem to occupy them too much these days. Remember doing an activity together and actually showing the technique is a healthy way to develop strong family ties!