For as long as I can remember I have collected FEATHERS.

In my eyes, they are reminders to us that God, Spirit, Angels or any other person or figure you refer to as an Invisible Representation to the one you pray to for assistance, to keep you on target and to guide you when you need the extra helping hand or are just grateful for.

Last September I went on a Spiritual Retreat. Carrie Hart, a Modern Day Shaman, brought me several Peacock Feathers from her backyard. I proudly displayed them on a Peacock Themed Christmas Tree and have kept it up as a reminder of the connection to God and the meaning of peacocks and my Spiritual Journey.

So when I see a feather and I am with my 4 year old granddaughter, I remind her of my interpretation of finding a feather.

Just recently, Sydney’s mom wasn’t feeling well, so Sydney went to her cousins’ house with her dad and left her mom home to rest. While playing outside Sydney saw a beautiful large white feather. She picked it up and wanted to bring it home to her mom because she knew it would make her feel better. When Sydney got home she was so excited to present her mom with the feather. She mentioned to her, “that an angel was praying for her to get better”.

It’s not about collecting or spotting the feathers, but it is about finding connections to something that is a cue that God is present, just notice there are all kinds of reminders if you are just aware! SO what do you see as reminders that there is a presence greater than what you can see?