My Story

Just like many young women, from a young age I dreamed of getting married, having children, being an at home mom and running a household. I always had a house full of children, my own and my children’s friends. I was the mom that many came to for advice, a shoulder to lean on, to vent, words of encouragement or just helping them map out their future.

At 50 I found myself going through divorce after 24 years marriage. My children were 13 and 16 ½ , and most of my adult life had been all about caring for them, making sure their lives were ‘on-track’, and supporting my entrepreneur husband so that he could focus on building a business. We lived in a beautiful home that the two of us built together, we had social circles that included some of the most influential people in our city, our children went to the better schools in our area– in short, life was supposed to be perfect. And then it wasn’t.

Over the past decade, divorce has become more common, less taboo, but more confusing. So many of us can tell horror stories about friends whose marriages ended in bitter divorce, cold custody arrangements, and vindictive fights over assets. Whether you are considering divorce, in the midst of separation or divorce, or already divorced, it’s likely that you are where you are because you saw the need to make big changes in your life. And although it has been said that the only constant in life is change, it can also be one of the most terrifying parts of life. Change evokes the fear of the unknown, desire to avoid chaos, the inability to see what’s around the corner, and feelings of doubt or fear about our ability to handle future events. We can all think of situations in our past when change has brought about pain or unhappiness.

What are you to do? You know that you can’t stay in the same place you are now, but where do you begin? Surely there must be a way to ease into change with grace and confidence. Surely there must be a way to not only survive, but to thrive in the midst of change. Surely there must be a way to really get what you truly want from life.

Good news, there is!

Have you ever had a big dream only to put it aside for fear of failure or feelings of unworthiness, or simply because you didn’t know how you would make the dream come true? As a certified Life Mastery Consultant and DreamBuilder™ Coach, I work with you to help you learn how to master every area of your life: Time/Money, Relationships, Work/Creativity, and Health/Well-being. I help you learn how to rely on and believe in your unlimited potential and power to really reach those dreams you barely dare to dream. I’m here to help you stir up the self-trust and intuition that already lives– even if in hiding– deep within your soul. I help you flow forward toward unlimited possibility when your old thoughts and fears would normally insist you retreat.

Right now, you’re standing in the doorway to living a life you love. It’s time to trust that inner voice that is leading you toward your destiny. It’s time to actually see yourself achieving one dream after another confidently and clear-headedly knowing no dream is too big or too hard to reach.

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