We have all heard the expression ‘blind faith’. A dictionary definition of blind faith is “belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination.”

The differences between faith and blind faith are simple: You can have faith that something will occur knowing that the evidence suggests the outcome, but blind-faith is having faith something will occur with no evidence or conflicting evidence against that outcome. When we’re in the midst of a struggle it may seem as if we’re placing faith blindly because at the time there may be no logical way that we can imagine life working out for us. But there is another way to look at faith. Faith is trusting that life is always working for your best, never against you.

Many people will read the last sentence and will immediately have a list of examples to ‘prove’ that this statement simply isn’t true. There was this time, that time, and another time when awful things happened to you and despite trying your best, you were victim of circumstance.

It’s true that we always do our best. And in our life our best can change. But just as our best can change, so can the reality of any situation.

“ Thinking and acting with faith changes the results that you get.” – Alan Cohen

Many times in my life I’ve encountered situations where fear-based thoughts have taken over and just as I expected, something difficult or ‘bad’ resulted.

For example, have you ever had one of those days when you wake up on the “wrong side of the bed”? Everything seems to go wrong. You overslept, you skip breakfast, you rush out the door and forget your keys, you have to run back and get them, and finally you run into to so much traffic. Everyone on the road seems to be in the same hurried frame of mind; you can see the expressions on their faces, mad, heated, and frustrated. Yikes! Now you are really late for work. The more you think about being late, the later it becomes.

Remember, our thoughts create our reality. 

As I’ve grown in my daily practice of gratitude and awareness, I’ve learned to shift my focus. During those times when I would have been fearful or doubtful, I’ve learned instead to focus on gratitude (which raises my vibration and allows me to feel better in general and less fearful) and then trust that the Divine has a solution for me. And just as expected, something manifests and things work out for the better. It seems counterintuitive to place faith in something that you have no way of knowing for sure will work out for you, but that is the nature of faith. The times when things seem at the worse are the times when we are being asked to practice trusting the most.

Now let me share another story about being late: You are waiting at the airport and find out your airplane will be late. You realize that means you might miss your connection. The new you steps back and intends that all is well and you’ll make the connection and be able to see your family tonight. You see all the people around you upset but you are seeing everything work out for the highest good. Do you know how this will happen? Not exactly but you know you have the tools to remain positive. So, your plane takes off and when you arrive at the gate you are pleasantly surprised that you are exactly in the right place, in fact after the plane is clean you’ll be back on the same plane and arriving home on time!

It’s natural when faced with situations where the outcome is unpredictable to feel threatened. These trying times don’t have to be so scary. Faith/trust, like any other practice, is a tool that we can develop. As we practice trust and faith, we see evidence of life working out for us instead of against us. We begin to see that we really do create our own reality based on the way we perceive our circumstances. How many times have you looked back on a situation only to notice that even though it felt difficult, things were actually working out for you? Imagine how the situation may have been different if only you had been looking for the blessing rather than feeling angry or scared or sad about it. Suddenly the worst experience in your life (which is usually what we’re thinking when we’re in the midst of it) is the most transformative and beautiful phase in our journey. It’s all about our perception of any situation and having faith that all is well in hand and life always works out for the best.

There’s a simple practice that we all can do to begin to see results in our daily life. But when we’re emotional, it can be more difficult to see the results because of our emotional attachment to the situation. We start with something very simple that doesn’t have much significance—just to see if this really works. Just like doing a science project in school, we use the Scientific Method to prove or disprove this principle.

A Call to ACTION: You don’t have to take my word for it, try it yourself! For the next 48 hours, try this experiment yourself. With an open mind, see what shows up for you. (Credit: E²  by Pam Grout, HAY HOUSE, INC. Copyright © 2013)

  1. Question: “Do I have any say over my life? Am I just handed good or bad luck in life or do I get to choose how life works for me?”
  2. Theory/Concept : “Life shows up for me according to how I am willing to see it. Life is just a reflection of my inner thoughts about it.”
  3. Hypothesis: “If I look for something specific over the next 48 hours, I will see it show up according to my intent (where I am focusing my attention).”
  4. The Test: On day one set your intention and actively look for the evidence. “I hereby intend for the next 24 hours to look for butterflies.” (or replace ‘butterflies’ with any object of your choosing). The next day, repeat this statement and look for something else. An example might be: “I hereby intend for the next 24 hours to look for Volkswagen Beetles.”
  5. Measure: Day one I looked for ____________. Number that showed up: ______.
    Day two I looked for _______________. Number that showed up: ______.
    Additional notes or observations: _______________________________________________.

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Now that you have practiced something as simple and insignificant as seeing butterflies or Volkswagen Beetles, imagine what could show up for you if you practice seeing joy, gratitude, abundance, love, and whatever it is that you feel might be missing. How could life change for you?

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