Welcome to the month of November.  Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 24th and this month we will focus on GRATITUDE.  But for those of you that are going through a life transition at this time, you may feel that it is difficult to be grateful when what you are familiar with, has changed.

Do you know that expressing gratitude activates neural pathways in the brain? It then changes your vibrations and actually elevates your mood.  As you express gratitude your life will change!

There are Four Key Areas of Your Life that will begin to have a positive effect on your life when you adopt a Daily Gratitude Ritual.  The Four Key Areas of Your life are Health and Well-Being, Time and Money Freedom, Relationships and Vocation.

The power of gratitude derives from the most elementary law of metaphysics:
You will receive more of whatever you concentrate on.

Bless and praise what is working instead of being disappointed in what isn’t working.  In other words, when you give thanks for something, the Law of Attraction will draw more of the same into your experience.  Don’t complain about what you don’t want, because you will draw more of that into your life.

The choice is yours. Hate or curse what you see and you will live in a world of pain, sorrow and negativity… But give thanks and you will find more to be thankful about.  You must keep your mind on HOPE and not Fear.

“The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.”
-William Penn

Here are some ways you can write what you are grateful for. You can easily do one of these suggestions every night before bed.

  1. Get a notepad or journal and put it on your nightstand and generate Gratitude (or download this free PDF).   As a Life Mastery Consultant, I have learned to write it in two parts; what I am grateful for and then what I am proud of.
    I am so grateful for___________________________________________
    And I am proud of____________________________________________
    I am so grateful to receive this idea to generate a state of gratitude and I am proud that I have been doing this for 5 days.
    I am so grateful for paying all my bills on time and I am proud that I am budgeting my money.
    I am so grateful for my 2 wonderful daughters and I am proud that they have grown up to be empowered women.
  2. Make some strips of paper with the 2 fill in the blank phrases above.  One friend of mine uses a different color for each month.
    Get a basket, small glass vase, a glass jar or anything that would fit about the strips for the days in each month or for the year.
    Place the container on your nightstand or in the bathroom or put it in a place that you see every night before going to bed.












Use your creative mind to do your own version.
The main thing is to DO IT!

To Your Greatness,
Linda aka Nana Lin