Day Three – That Woman is A Success: A poem by Barbara Burrow

Today we continue a 7-day experiment in unfolding.

Over the next 7 days, you will get a portion of a poem, each time including more and more of it until finally on the 7th day I will send the entire poem. Of course, you could always find this poem on Google and read the whole thing — but I invite you to stick with me and to allow yourself the journey of unfolding.

I encourage you to ponder the words, just as they are, and what they mean to you. I’d ask you to take notice how each day the addition of more of the poem may shift its meaning to you or reveal additional insights.

I’d love to hear your reactions over the next 7 days.  Feel free to post them to my Facebook page or send me a message.

To your continued Joy,


That woman is a success

Who puts her best into each task and leaves each situation better than she found it;