Move from surviving a divorce to thriving!

Just like many young women, from a young age I dreamed of getting married, having children, being an at home mom and running a household. I always had a house full of children, my own and my children’s friends. I was the mom that many came to for advice, a shoulder to lean on, to vent, words of encouragement or just helping them map out their future.

At 50 I found myself going through divorce after 24 years marriage. My children were 13 and 16 ½ , and most of my adult life had been all about caring for them, making sure their lives were ‘on-track’, and supporting my entrepreneur husband so that he could focus on building a business. We lived in a beautiful home that the two of built together, we had social circles that included some of the most influential people in our city, our children went to the better schools in our area– in short, life was supposed to be perfect. And then it wasn’t. (Read More…)

About Linda

Linda is a passionate educator, an intuitive coach, and inspirational speaker in support of individuals and groups who are navigating big change and who want to reach big goals.

For over 10 years Linda has studied and implemented transformational success principles and works with individuals and groups helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results and create richer, more fulfilling lives. She conveys insightfulness through her teaching, coaching and communication both spoken and written.

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